WATCH: Crowd Boos Hannity During Trump Town Hall, Repeats Chant

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Sean Hannity of Fox News made a point to set himself apart from CNN’s Kaitlin Collins at the start of his presidential town hall with former president Donald Trump on Thursday.
A comparable town hall meeting with Trump was hosted by CNN on May 10. Collin’s frequently argued with Trump while serving as the host, and they did so all night long.

Hannity made it clear he wouldn’t be doing the same as CNN just before Trump made his way onstage.

“Unlike fake news CNN, it’s not my job to sit here and debate the candidate,” Hannity said. “We’re going to ask him about the issue of the day that actually matters to the people that came out here tonight in the rain and thunder and lightning.” He ended his opening announcement with stating, “Nothing is off the table.”

Not long after the Town Hall kicked off promising truth and transparency, things went down hill with how Hannity hosted the live event.

When host Sean Hannity addressed President Donald Trump about the suggestion that he should “tone it down” in order to appeal to moderate voters during a town hall event that aired on Fox News on Thursday night, the audience at the event was not having it.

Before Hannity could finish his question, the audience erupted in boos, which prompted Hannity to implore the audience to “leave me alone.”


In a different video footage from the Town Hall from Thursday evening, the crowd can be seen chanting their approval of the president. They yelled in unison, “We love Trump!” as a resounding response to the thought that President Trump should be less of a pugilist when facing his foes in the media and on the campaign trail.


In response to Hannity’s query, Trump rehashed claims that his presidential campaign was “spied on” and that he was perpetually “under siege” afterward.

“If I wasn’t tough I wouldn’t be here right now, I guarantee you that. If I didn’t fight back, I wouldn’t be here… We need courage in this country or we’re going to lose our country,” said Trump.

With President Trump looking past the network’s decision to “soft ban” him from appearances after the 2020 election, and Fox looking to capitalize on his spotlight in the face of poor ratings, the former president’s decision to sit down with Fox News represents a sort of fence-mending for both sides. The network has changed its programming in an effort to woo back conservative viewers who have lost interest in the network in favor of alternative conservative news sources after the unexpected departure of primetime star Tucker Carlson. President Trump is relying on Fox throughout the Republican primary as it continues to be a powerful channel for awareness among Republicans.

The first debate on the RNC’s agenda will take place on Fox in August; it’s a must-watch event where the former president will square off against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a host of other announced contenders who are trying to slow down Trump’s rise in the polls.


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