Whistleblower’s Lawyers Meet With Congressional Investigators On Hunter Probe

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The discovered laptop of Hunter Biden and subsequent investigations into Hunter’s international business dealings that allegedly include his father, President Joe Biden, have been slow and plagued with roadblocks.

When Elon Musk released information about the laptop on Twitter, many expected the information and answers to start flowing. But stalling and roadblocks seem to hinder finding out the facts of the dealings and accused illegal activity.

Now it seems there is an insight into the Internal Revenue Service’s part played in the process of getting to the root of Biden’s actions. An IRS whistleblower appeared with information about the IRS’ interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.

Breitbart reported:

Shortly after the IRS whistleblower came forward, the Ways and Means Committee authorized two lawyers for the IRS whistleblower to collect information about what their client witnessed at the IRS regarding the Hunter Biden tax probe.

Last month, the IRS whistleblower alleged political interference at the Justice Department in its probe of Hunter Biden, who is under investigation by the DOJ for tax fraud, money laundering, and violation of lobbying laws. Prosecutor David Weiss for months has been weighing if there is sufficient evidence for the grand jury to indict him on four reported charges.

The case appeared to quietly stall until an IRS whistleblower alleged the improper politicization of a tax probe into the president’s son. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who appointed Weiss, dismissed those claims last week — even as he refuses to appoint a special counsel to place a degree of separation between the probe and President Joe Biden.

And the new meeting seems to be now moving the process forward, Breitbart notes:

On Friday, the lawyers for the whistleblower met with Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee to disclose information the IRS agent could provide to congressional investigators, CNN reported. This step in the process is reportedly a typical procedure in situations involving sensitive tax information.

“The process is proceeding on a bipartisan basis with ranking member [Mike] Crapo’s staff,” Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden’s (D-OR) spokesperson, Ryan Carey, told CNN.

The congressional investigation of the whistleblower’s claims comes as Weiss’s investigation is coming to an end without a timetable for a decision, people familiar with the matter told the Washington Post on Wednesday. If Weiss recommends charges against Hunter Biden, Garland would have to authorize the charges. Garland has vowed Weiss has the autonomy to recommend changes, despite IRS agent claims that Garland misled Congress about the probe’s autonomy.

The probe into Hunter could also implicate Joe Biden. A witness who testified before the grand jury was reportedly asked to identify the “big guy.”

CBS reported:

“In a letter to Congress last month, the attorney, Mark Lytle, said his client, an unnamed IRS criminal supervisory special agent, could shed light on how the years-long, high-profile investigation had been hindered by “preferential treatment and politics.” However, Lytle said his client could not share “certain information” because of taxpayer privacy laws.

CBS also noted that “When President Joe Biden took office, dozens of U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump were asked to resign, as is customary in a new administration, but Weiss, who was leading the probe into Hunter Biden, was asked to stay.”

As the investigation moves forward at a snail’s pace, Joe Biden is sliding down a slippery slope. Biden is steadily falling in the polls, The Washington Post noted that Biden’s approval ratings “slip to a new low” after he announced his reelection campaign just two weeks ago.

A Post-ABC poll shows that of Democrat-leaning voters, 58% want to see someone other than Biden run in 2024, Democrats are neck and neck on the issue, and among Independents 77% want someone else to run.

The same poll showed that Biden’s approval rating for those under 30 years old stands at only 26%. 54% of adults said former President Donald Trump handled the economy better during his presidency, and 44% said they would either “definitely” or “probably” choose Trump in a race with Biden.

A majority of adults said Trump is mentally sharp and physically healthy enough to serve as president while just a third of adults said the same of Biden.

NBC reported that Gallup shows a 37% approval rating for Biden.

Given the failures of the Biden presidency such as the border crisis which is about to explode when Title 42 ends, national debt out of sight, inflation on the rise including high-interest rates, the increasingly woke state of the administration that is sliding toward insanity if not already there, and the state of the country, which is not returning to “normal” after the trying pandemic years.

Former President Donald Trump is shaking off the many attempts from the left to charge him with any and everything they can come up with, indeed the attempts seem to muster support for Trump in his reelection bid. But a scandal and charges that could possibly result from the investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter would not have the same result.


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