White House Says Biden Has No Plans to Visit Ohio Derailment Site, Despite Having Plenty of Time to Visit Ukraine

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The sitting President of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, is apparently too busy pledging US Taxpayer funds to foreign wars in Ukraine that he can not take his platform to highlight the plight of the American people in Ohio, who are suffering.

Those Ohio struggles are not any concern of Biden or his administration and independent media are picking up on the irony.

On Monday, NBC News reported on Biden’s generous pledge to the President of Ukraine for much, much more financial support for their conflict with Russia:

The U.S. announced a new round of aid to Ukraine and sanctions against Russian entities Friday, marking the one-year point in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine. 

The announcement comes on the heels of President Joe Biden’s trip to Poland and surprises Ukraine visit, where he walked the streets of Kyiv with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Mr. Biden met virtually with G7 members and with Zelenskyy for nearly 90 minutes Friday to discuss their coordinated efforts to back Ukraine. 

On Friday, in coordination with G7 partners and allies, the U.S. will implement sanctions against key revenue-generating sectors, including more than 200 people and entities, the White House says. That includes both Russian and third-country actors across the globe who are helping Russia evade sanctions. The sanctions target a dozen Russian financial institutions and actors helping Russia’s defense and technology industry. 

The Pentagon also announced an additional security assistance package for Ukraine that includes several new unmanned aerial systems, counter-unmanned aerial systems to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses and electronic warfare detection equipment. 

The Defense Department noted that the U.S. is procuring these systems, rather than sending equipment drawn down from existing U.S. military stocks. It means that the equipment will have to be manufactured under the Ukraine Assistance Initiative, and it will likely take months to sign the contracts, manufacture and deliver the weapons. 

Jill Biden doesn’t care either.  She has also been on her own world tour.

Here is what Biden is ignoring :

After an early February trainwreck in the rural small town of East Palestine Oh,  which resulted in a disastrous chemical explosion that damaged the quality of life of the residents,  concerned people are being treated like they are from the ‘wrong sides of the tracks,’ as working-class Ohioians.

The elite in DC is not concerned with what concerns Ohio.  In fact, popular leftist pundit Joy Behar, even said that it was no concern of hers, nor should it be to anyone else- because “they voted for Trump”.

Watch her say it out loud:

“Joy Behar says the residents of East Palestine got what they deserved because they voted for Trump. For the record, this is 1000x worse than anything Don Lemon said. Will she be kicked off her show and forced to undergo sensitivity training?” Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, reported, adding a clip of Behar on her program on Thursday.

Biden doesn’t have time to worry about it, either.

The White House has announced that Biden has no plans to visit the train derailment site in Ohio. Former President Donald Trump visited the site on Wednesday. At the same time, Biden prioritized going to Ukraine to promise them more of our tax dollars, expressly showing the American people the differences between the two men.

While Trump’s agenda is to put America and Americans first, Biden’s agenda doesn’t include what is good for  America or Americans.  Biden has demonstrated that he is concerned with an elite who profit from foreign wars and an elite in permanent Washington, DC- who are known as ‘the swamp.’

Here is the proof, as reported by Cassandra MacDonald for GWP:

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly been asked if the president plans to visit the town amid massive concerns about the air and water quality.

“Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden currently has no plans to visit East Palestine, Ohio, but “Secretary Buttigieg is there today” — THREE WEEKS after the toxic train disaster,” RNC Research reported on Twitter.

Jean-Pierre finally provided an answer during her press briefing on Thursday.

“Asked why Biden isn’t going to East Palestine to offer support directly and in person, Karine Jean-Pierre claims Biden is doing it “directly” by telling other people to do it,” RNC Research posted on Twitter on Thursday.

“I don’t have anything to share on a presidential visit, not at this time, or anything to announce. But it does matter that the president put forth a multi-agency kind of reaction to this, taking it seriously,” Jean-Pierre said.

The press secretary claimed that having the Environmental Protection Agency in Ohio was good enough, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — who did not bother to visit until February 23, a whole 20 days after the disaster.

“Showing up is having the Environmental Protection administer on the ground, showing up is having the Transportation secretary on the ground … all these guys are on the ground at the direction of this president,” she said.

Mayor Trent Conaway has said that Biden’s trip to Ukraine was the “biggest slap in the face,” and that the president “doesn’t care about us.”

Conaway continued, “he can send every agency he wants to, but I found out this morning in one of the briefings that he was over there in Ukraine giving millions of dollars away to people over there and not to us.”

“I’m furious,” the mayor continued. “On President’s Day here in our country, he’s over in Ukraine. That tells you what kind of guy he is.”



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