White House Unrest – Hunter And Jill Biden Take Over Presidency

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According to NBC News, Hunter Biden has been visiting his father, President Joe Biden, more frequently, including attending significant meetings at the White House.

Although the report acknowledges that it was not uncommon for the younger Biden to visit the residence or participate in events, it is atypical for the president’s son to be included in discussions with senior advisers. However, this is exactly the location where he has been seen, accompanying his father after a poorly received debate performance last week:

One of the people familiar with the matter said Hunter Biden has been closely advising his father since the family gathered this past weekend at Camp David after Thursday’s debate. This person said Hunter Biden has “popped into” a couple of meetings and phone calls the president has had with some of his advisers.

Another person familiar with the matter said the reaction from some senior White House staff has been, “What the hell is happening?”

Regarding President Biden’s comments on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding presidential immunity, White House principal deputy press secretary Andrew Bates stated that Hunter Biden returned with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and immediately joined the President in preparing for his address. “Hunter came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech prep,” Bates said.

Hunter Biden, who was convicted last month on gun charges, allegedly emerged as one of the president’s most ardent advocates after the debate, encouraging his father to continue his campaign despite growing speculation about his potential resignation.

Meanwhile, First Lady Jill Biden has also taken over more duties for her husband, outside of just escorting him off stage. Jill flaunted her position of power on the official FLOTUS X account, posting a photo of herself prepping for the G7 summit, while Joe is nowhere to be found. It’s further proof that’s she’s probably always been in charge, running the show behind the scenes.


It’s no wonder the family has convinced Joe to stay in the race…they want another four years of power running the country themselves. He’s just the front man of the operation. Nobody voted for Jill or Hunter, but they’re enjoying the power.


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